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Are you looking for a trusted roofing company for your roof repair? Or do you think it's time to replace it? Riga Home Improvement is here to help with all your roofing needs. Our professional team has been providing premium roofing services to the residents of New Canaan, CT, since 2000 and has an immense experience of over 20 years in the roofing area.

We are a locally owned and operated roofing company in Fairfield County dedicated to providing a high-quality roofing experience to our clients by assisting them throughout their home improvement projects, from selecting quality roof products to completing their roofs.

Riga Home Improvement offers you personalized support throughout your home improvement project. Our team of professional roofers leaves no detail to chance and makes your satisfaction its priority.

Roof Installation Service in New Canaan, CT

When it comes to roof installation, reliability and safety are the top priorities. Our professional team has the know-how and experience in roof installation of all types. Our team ensures to provide you with personalized roofing services tailor-made to your unique needs and requirements so that you enjoy a feeling of safety under your new roof and a curb appeal to your home.

So, entrust your roof installation to Riga Home Improvement to have peace of mind knowing you're getting quality and experienced roofing service.

Roof Replacement Company

A roof replacement project can be extremely stressful, from choosing the new roof to its completion. Riga Home Improvement is here to make your roof replacement project as stress-free as possible. Our expert team is specialized in carrying out the roof replacement work of any type of roof. We work with a wide range of materials to be able to adapt to the needs and tastes of our clients.

The Riga’s team works with our clients and provides them with the right roofing solutions for added structural security and aesthetics to their home. Besides, roof replacement is one of the highest ROI home improvement projects that add value to your property if done by professionals.

Our specialized team assists you from the moment you contact us, in choosing the right products, to replacing your roof, respecting the set timeline and your budget.

Contact Us for a Roof Inspection and a Free Estimate!

Riga Home Improvement offers a detailed inspection service to our clients prior to any roofing work done. Our team will thoroughly inspect your roof to determine the extent of damage and then inform you about the required work and estimated cost. Also, having your roof inspected at regular intervals can greatly extend its lifespan. Detecting specific problems before they get worse can save you a lot of worries and money just by doing simple preventive work. So, contact us today to request an inspection and a free estimate!

I was 100% satisfied with every aspect of the new roofing job!—David S.

Featuring expert installers, and project managers, our team works passionately and in synergy on every project to provide you with top-notch service to your complete satisfaction and just the way you have envisioned. From a first meeting, product selection, logistics and complete project management, we do it all making the whole process smooth and stress-free. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

We look forward to working with you.

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