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Darien, CT, of Fairfield County is a reference for classic and modern home styles. The more variety in home styles, the more the roofing challenges, such as architectural shingles, asphalt shingles, wood shingles, and tile roofs. The Riga Home Improvement team of skilled specialists has been offering roofing services for over 20 years and can help with all types of roofing materials. Our team in Darien, CT, is a call away from providing you with the top-tier roofing services you need.

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The residents of Darien trust Riga Home Improvement for all their roofing needs for residential roofing. Our skilled specialists are dedicated to offering high-quality and personalized service to our clients, so whenever they seek a roofing contractor in Darien, they know that the Riga’s team is at their disposal.

Roof Replacement Company in Darien CT

In the extreme case where the damages cannot be repaired and the roof needs to be replaced, our expert technicians, after the roof inspection, can advise you on new types of high-performance materials for replacing it.

The roofing experts at Riga Home Improvement can install different types of roofing materials. Whether you need roof shingles of different types, a flat roof, or other roofing materials, we offer our roofing replacement and installation services for residential clients.

Roof Repair

Riga Home Improvement has been providing professional and efficient roof repair services for more than 20 years, repairing residential roofs in Darien, CT of Fairfield County. Our meticulous and competent team guarantees you a quick and lasting repair of damaged roof parts.

Your roof may need repair or restoration in a few cases. Your roof may have deteriorated shingles, leaving the roof vulnerable to the weather. There can be deteriorating caulking around chimneys, skylights, plumbing vents, or roof vents that may need a roof repair or replacement. You may also need a roof repair in case of poor attic ventilation that leads to condensation problems.

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With a reliable and competent team, Riga Home Improvement offers a range of superior quality services for all types of roofing in Darien, CT. We come quickly to your home to assess the work required and help you start your project. Our experts conduct an inspection and a free estimate for the roof damage to reassure you about its condition and, at the same time, to check if there are any hidden damages. We also work with roof insurance companies to help complete your roofing project as quickly as possible. Contact us today for an inspection and free estimate for your roof!

They are local professional roofers, fast and cleaned up thoroughly!—Jay T.

Featuring expert installers, and project managers, our team works passionately and in synergy on every project to provide you with top-notch service to your complete satisfaction and just the way you have envisioned. From a first meeting, product selection, logistics and complete project management, we do it all making the whole process smooth and stress-free. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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