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The Christmas season comes to an end with a delicious finishing touch, and it’s always sad to remove decorations when the holidays are over. Some leave up the lights to continue enjoying their beautiful Christmas decorations, while others take them down as they enter the New Year, leaving them fewer chores later.

Regardless of when you decide to remove the Christmas decorations, safety should be the priority when doing it. Here’s a list of some great tips to ensure safety while you take down your holiday decorations!

Wear the Right Gear

While taking down holiday decorations, make sure you’re wearing gloves and the proper shoes to protect yourself from any unwanted incident. Wearing suitable gear will also save you from the weather.

Be Careful with the Ladders

To reach up high lights or decor, you need a ladder. However, you shouldn’t use it alone. Using a ladder can be very dangerous on an icy or wet surface in winter. The ground can be slippery and can also hinder your movement. The best way is to have someone around while using it so they can hold the ladder and help you when pushing or pulling objects on ledges or handling lights and decorations.

Electrical Safety

You should be extra cautious when taking down Christmas lights and electrical decorations. Before doing anything, make sure you unplug every light strand and cord to prevent yourself from an electric shock or any other electrical mishap. Outlets with power running in them can develop electric shock if new items are plugged in them. Be careful about it!

Avoid Any Damage to Roofing and Siding

Sometimes, decorations can damage your roofing or siding when you take them down. The reason could be an improper installation of decorations or an inaccessible position that makes it difficult to take them down that causes damage to roof’s shingles, vinyl sidings or other areas.

It is essential to follow these safety tips while taking down holiday decorations. And, if any damage happens, contact RIGA Home Improvement. Our team is a phone call away and ready to help! Call Us Now!

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