The Best Roofing Season of Year to Install a New Roof

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One common question property owners ask is ‘When does the roofing season begin?’ Well, once you read this post, you’ll be clear about the roofing season and know precisely why it is the best choice. Read on to find out.

When is the Roofing Season?

Mid-fall is considered to be the official peak of the roofing season. This is because this is the time when the temperatures are mild. This means it is neither too hot nor cold. Hence, roofers can easily climb up the roof, inspect it carefully and take the right measures to ensure it is in good condition.

From roof repairs to replacement work, all types of roofing jobs can be done with precision and perfection when the weather is mild. Mild weather provides comfortable conditions for roofing contractors to work and pay attention to detail without delay or disruption. Therefore, hire a professional today for a roof inspection before the winter season begins.

Why are Winters and Summers Dangerous Seasons for Roofing Projects?

Though roof repairs and replacements are carried all year round, winters and summers are relatively dangerous months, especially if the roofing contractor is not experienced. This is because of the extreme weather conditions.

In summer, temperatures soar during the day and cool at night. This sudden temperature flux can cause roof expansion and contraction, also known as thermal shock. It can further create tension in the roofing and result in a warped and split roof.

Likewise, Ice dams on the roof can create slippery conditions on the roof during winter. This can pose a risk of slip and fall, especially if the roofing contractor is not skilled enough or experienced in winter roof repairs and installation work. Also, it can increase the liability risk and cause delays. So, it is recommended to get the roofing work done in the fall.

Why Should Property Owners Take Advantage of the Roofing Season?

It is advisable to take advantage of the roofing season and get your roof inspected by an expert before temperatures drop. This is because the harsh winter conditions can do a great deal of damage to the shingles if they are not in top shape. This can further result in a costly expense and expose your home to the risk of leaks and lowered structural integrity.

Where to Start?

Roofing shingles should be your top concern. Get them checked and inspected first. This is because they are most prone to wear and tear due to extreme conditions. 

After a thorough roof inspection, your roofing contractor will advise you on the best ways to prepare your roof for winter. 

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