Roof Leaks? We Know How to Stop it


Roof leaks requires immediate repair as it can be a source of major disasters for the house. A rapid roof repair may not necessarily be very complicated, but it requires you to find the origin of the infiltration. When you notice roof leaks problem, it is important to react quickly to avoid humidity-related damage. Water can damage your frame, cause moss and mold to appear in your home, or even damage the insulation of your roof.

Mold, damp spots, or fungus are all signs of roof leaks. The procedure will depend on the origin and importance of the leak. Here’s a guide on how to react in the event of roof leaks to minimize the damage.

Place Bucket under the Roof Leaks

Roof Leaks can be intimidating, and the instant thought that comes to mind is contacting a trusted roofing company near you. But before you do anything, the right reflex is to place buckets immediately under the leak. Your instant action should be to save your house and belongings from getting soaked. Whatever your roof leaks in the middle or at the side of a wall, your first task should be to place something to stop the water from spreading.

Spot the Roof Leaks

The first step is to identify where the leak is coming from. Be careful! The point where the water comes out does not necessarily indicate its origin because the water may have flowed along a beam, a wall, etc. Climb onto the roof and look for the source of the issue:

The Attic

You have spotted traces of humidity, but you don’t know where the source of the water leak is? It’s time to inspect your attic. Then, carefully climb into your attic and identify the water’s path. You may see the water leaking in or a damp spot. Inspecting your attic in broad daylight can help you detect the source. However, note that using your attic as storage space can delay the appearance of stains and, therefore, the moment you discover the leak.

The Chimney

If you have a chimney or skylights, examine them carefully. Your chimney may be the source of the leak, especially if it is made of brick and mortar that erodes over time. The problem can also sometimes come from the state of the flashing. This system seals the roof at several points, around chimneys and windows. Inspect the joints connecting the chimney and the roof carefully to spot any deterioration resulting in the leak.

The Gutters

The leak can also come from a poorly maintained gutters. Gutters blocked by plants can be the source of leaks, especially when the volume of rainwater is high. Crapped gutters can also begin to leak water into your home. Therefore, examine areas where the gutters pull away from the roof when inspecting them as water often leaks into those spaces. Also, you must regularly clean out the gutters to avoid this issue.

The Surface

The leak may concern the roof covering. In this case, it can be, for example, broken, displaced, or cracked tiles or shingles that deteriorate over time due to weather. They can also be damaged or loosened by a falling tree branch. Regardless of the cause, damaged shingles can be the main reason for roof leaks. Sometimes, a few missing nails could allow water to leak into your home. In the case of flat roofs, if rainwater is not drained off properly, there is a risk of infiltration.

Contact the Professional

Once you have located the leak, entrust your roof repair to professional roofing services to avoid further damage. You can also entrust your roof inspection to a licensed roofer. The issue may be small, but the best is to leave the roof repair task to experts for reliable and long-lasting results. In case of an emergency repair, contact a professional roofing contractor near you.

Stay on Top of Maintenance

Staying on top of our maintenance and regularly inspecting your roof allows you to spot a water leak more easily and intervene before the problem worsens. It requires you to:

  • Frequently check the condition of your roof and the various materials, especially following severe weather
  • Examine the ceilings and walls in your home for any mold blisters on the paint or traces of moisture
  • Maintain the gutters, which are essential for the evacuation of rainwater

These few examples will allow you to anticipate repairs before roof leaks cause too much damage to your home. Too late can lead to the installation of a whole new roof!

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