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Are you contemplating getting roof repairs or replacements for your Norwalk, CT, home? Consult with an expert roofing company to find the perfect solution.

Often, a simple repair can fix your roofing issues, but you might have to replace the roof entirely in other cases. No matter which option you choose, never opt for a DIY project. It can cause more issues in the long haul. Work with a professional roofing company in Norwalk, CT, instead.

Here are some signs that help you identify whether you require roof replacement or repairs:

Visually Impaired Appearance

Is your roof starting to look worn out? Mold, fungus, and moss growth are signs that your roof needs fixing. Also, if the shingle colors don’t match, you might want to get the roofing replaced.

In some cases, the granules also crumble away, taking away the shingles’ protective layer. In this case, you can get a fresh layer of granules. However, if the roof’s functionality gets compromised, it can cause leaks and permanent damage.

To prevent permanent roof damage, always seek help from professional roofers in Norwalk, CT. 

Two Decades to Your Home

If you’ve been living in your home for 20 years or more, it likely needs a roof replacement. Most homeowners don’t get regular roof inspections unless there are serious issues like water leakage.

Similarly, if you plan to sell your home, get the roof inspected to see if repairs or replacements are needed. Ask a roofing contractor in Norwalk, CT, to inspect your roof. If you sell the house with an impaired roof, it will reduce your property’s value and sell for a much lower price.

A newly installed roof creates an excellent first impression by boosting the curb appeal.

Shingle Curling

If your roof’s shingles are curling, they need to be replaced. A small roof repair will suffice in some cases, but if the root cause is the excessive moisture content in your home, you might need a roof replacement.

Contact a reliable roofing contractor in Norwalk, CT, to get expert insight on your shingle curling problem.

Excessive Granules in the Gutter

If excessive granules are crumbling away from your shingles and ending up in the gutters, they can become a problem. The granules form a layer on top of shingles and offer sun protection. But when they crumble away, the asphalt of shingles is exposed, and sunlight can deteriorate them. Seek immediate help from a professional contractor to fix the issue.

Sunlight In the Attic

If sunlight leaks into your attic from the roof, that is a major problem. If sunlight can penetrate your home, so can water, snow, and other outdoor elements.

Inspect your attic for any signs of watermarks. If there are water stains, take immediate action and replace your roof.

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