Preparing Your Roof for the Rainy Season

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When the rainy season approaches, it is time to prepare your house to face the showers. Indeed, heavy rains can cause damage and weaken the structure of the dwelling. For your home to remain in good health during heavy rains, get your roofs inspected and repaired in advance.

After heavy rain, it is imperative to thoroughly inspect the roof to detect any leaks or damages that can lead to water infiltration and other related damages.

Here are some helpful tips to prepare your roof for the rainy season!

Inspect and Repair the Roof

The roof has the role of protecting the house’s interior from showers when the rainy season arrives. This part of the house suffers the most degradation over time due to bad weather and poor maintenance, making it vulnerable. Therefore, checking the roof before and after the wet season should be prioritized. It allows you to get it repaired before the rain arrives.

If your house has a tiled roof, check that they are well fixed. Also, inspect the roof for cracks or leaks to prevent leakage inside the house. In case of a crack, you can opt for a waterproof coating. In the event of too much damage, you can opt for a complete replacement of your roof.

Check for Mould and Leaks

Rain brings humidity, causing the walls and foundations to deteriorate. In addition to aesthetic damage and problems that could compromise the solidity of the structure, humidity promotes the spread of mould and dust mites, harming the health of residents. In addition, the humidity creates a great climate for insects, especially pests that carry seasonal diseases.

People don’t realize that standing water on your roof or heavy rainfall can cause leaks, leading to mould infestation. You can take the following steps to prevent mould and leaks:

Inspect the roof after every weather event.

Check the attic frequently for any signs of water damage or mould growth

Make sure that downspouts and gutters are draining properly

Check Gutters and Downspouts

Rainwater accumulated around the foundations can cause the erosion of materials and moss and mould formation that can affect the house’s interior. For the water to drain correctly, it is essential to clean the gutters of debris that can clog its course.

In the case of a faulty drainpipe, have a new gutter installed by a professional.

Properly Insulate Windows and Doors

To be well prepared for rain, it is necessary to check if all the doors and windows of the house are well insulated. Poor insulation can lead to heat loss, affecting discomfort and water infiltration.

It is, therefore, necessary to inspect each opening to ensure that there are no signs of wear or cracks through which water can penetrate. If the caulking on a window is peeling, you need to apply a new coat.

Keep an Emergency Roofing Contact

Professional roofing services like RIGA Home Improvement are a call away in case of emergencies. Having a professional’s contact in hand can prevent your minor damages from turning into big disasters.

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