Common Winter Roofing and Gutters Issues

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With freezing temperatures just around the corner comes the problem of frozen gutters, leading to many leaking issues that you should know before fixing this kind of problem. Here’s a list of the common issues that can lead to roof leaks and tips on preventing them!

Ice Dams

Your gutters can detach from your roof, and ice dams can form. Frozen gutters create ice dams on the roof, causing water to leak through the ceiling. These ice dams can push ice up under the gutters. This can lead to roof leak problems, costing you more than just replacing the gutters. Ice will also form on top of your insulation as standing water freezes quickly compared to moving water, damaging it away completely.

Broken Gutters

Water sitting in the gutter and slowly freezing over time is one factor that leads to the deterioration of a gutter. The ice that is created deforms the gutter. Following this, the elements that make up the gutter may crack, forming small holes on your roof’s underside, facilitating ice and snow formation. It eventually becomes heavy enough to break through the roof’s surface!

Melting Snow

Some of the major issues are caused by the freezing and thawing of water causing it to seep into the roof’s cracks. The issue is that once the ice melts, it leaves behind the debris, leading to roof leaks. If you don’t clean your gutters, the debris will clog the pipe and trap water and snow, leading to ice formation. Also, blocked gutters overflow when the rain begins, leading to more water damage on the ground along with the roof.

Roofing Replacement in Norwalk, CT

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