Bad Roofing Job Top Signs


A roof replacement job is costly. The last thing you want to know after a new roof replacement job is that issues persist. So, you may even see some new problems pop up in the roofing. In a situation like this, you could be dealing with the consequences of a bad roofing job. Here are the top 3 signs of a bad roofing job:

1. The Roof Doesn’t Look Uniform- Bad Roofing Job

You could be a victim of a bad roofing job, if you notice that the new roofing system lacks uniformity in its appearance. This is a clear indicator of poor workmanship. Different materials, mismatched shingles, sloping rooflines, and materials that vary noticeably in consistency and quality indicate that your roofing contractor did not execute the job correctly.

2. Noticeable Stains of Water Leaks

Another sign of a bad roofing job is water stains. If you can spot water stains on the newly installed roof, then the chances are that the roofer lacked expertise. Dark stains show that the roof has leaks. Though this should not happen after a new installation job, especially if you hire a qualified roofer. However, the good news is that if you act fast, the problem can be fixed, and leaks can be repaired.

It is suggested to work with another roofing company to address the problem and perform a comprehensive roofing and attic inspection. It is crucial to inspect the attic. However, water leakage will appear on the surface if there are excess leaks.

Moreover, with a certified, and seasoned contractor like Riga Home Improvement by your side, you can be confident that we’ll fix all your roofing issues promptly.

3. The Flashing Looks Incomplete – Bad Roofing Job

Your roofer will use a material called drip edge flashing around the roofing edges. This is considered to be included in the roofing job. The purpose of using drip edge flashing is to redirect any moisture towards the gutter system, thereby preventing water damage and issues like: Mold growth, Rotting, Water stains, and Foundational issues

However, if the flashing is missing, then you’re likely to experience these issues. In such a scenario, contact a reputable roofer to perform an inspection. 

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If you can spot any of the above signs, it’s clear that your roofing contractor did a poor roofing job. You can take another chance with them and ask to fix it. Or you could hire a reputable roofing company like Riga Home Improvement, knowing that your roof is now in qualified hands. 

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