16 Signs You Need a New Roof

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The roof of a house should always be kept well-maintained to provide adequate protection to the residents residing against weather elements while keeping the visual appeal and value intact.  But sometimes, even well-maintained roof may need a replacement if you can spot any or some of the following 16 signs in your home.

1. Spot Water Damage

It’s essential to understand that you shouldn’t always wait for a leaking roof from all corners of the house before you act. This is because such a roof can fail anytime and damage anything underneath it. Even if you spot a small leak, call a roofing expert without delay.

2. Sagging Roof Lines

If the ceiling is sagging, it indicates the presence of moisture which is caused by a leak. Don’t overlook; act fast before your roof starts to look like soggy cardboard.

3. Dark Streaks and Stains

Get your roof examined right away if you spot dark streaks and stains on the ceiling and walls. It is indicative of moisture, which usually occurs due to leaks.

4. Penetration of Sunlight Through the Attic

The light shouldn’t pass through the roof if it is in top condition. But if you can see the light penetrating into your attic during the day, you know there is a problem, and your roof should be inspected ASAP!

5. Age Issue

One of the biggest clues that warrant the installation of a new roof is age. Even if your roof looks good, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is structurally sound. So, if it is over 20 years old, your roof is due for a replacement.

6. Critter Damage

If you hear little critters wrestling in your attic, they likely found an entry through the roofing, eaves, or even fascia behind the gutters. Get them removed fast and have the damage in the roof fixed before the problem gets worse.

7. Old and Decaying Shingles

Although shingles look visually appealing, over time, they can become old and brittle. As a result, may start to decay, opening the roof to heat, cold, and moisture problems, potentially requiring new roofing.

8. Missing Granules

Granules add color to the shingles while reflecting UV rays. However, if they begin to wear and tear or you start to lose them during hail storms or rain,  extensive granule loss can result in roof failure. Before this happens, get it inspected and replaced.

9. Missing or Broken Shingles

The two reasons for these are poor installation or age. If you can see missing or broken shingles on your roof, it is time to call a roofing service.

10. Granule Buildup in the Gutter

Get gutters cleaned to see if you can find granule buildup. The mass of granules piled in the gutter indicates that new roofing is required.

11. Dark Spots on Shingles

This is another surefire sign of a new roofing job. Dark spots may seem like dirt and debris, but in reality, it is airborne algae gradually spreading on the shingles.  This is caused due to moisture which should be addressed before damage is done.

12. Moss Growth

If not removed, moss can hold excess moisture, which can be the underlying cause of sagging rooflines and leaking roofs.

13. Curled Shingles

It is time to get your roof examined if you can see several shingles curled and buckled. Buckling seems like something is pushing shingles from underneath, while curling occurs when the shingles are turned outward.

14. Damaged Caused By Hail Storm

Sometimes missing and broken shingles could be because of high-speed winds. A hail storm can rip shingles off and damage the roof, making it vulnerable to leaks.

15. Damaged Chimney  Flashing

Tar and roof cement chimney flashing is bound to fail sooner than later.  They crack easily from sunlight hence, allowing moisture to seep into the joints of the roofing and chimney, causing damage and failure of the roofing system.

16. Improper Installation

Poor roof installation is another surefire sign that you need a new roof installed. An improper roof installation leads to poor energy efficiency. It also results in skyrocketing energy bills, exposure to weather elements, reduced roof lifespan, and increased chances of leaks and moisture penetration. So, if you can spot any of the signs mentioned above, reach out to us. At RIGA Home Improvement, we specialize in new roof installation. Our licensed and trained experts can inspect your roof to find the root cause of the problem and provide you with the best roof repair or replacement service to your complete satisfaction and with financing flexibility. Request a Free Estimate Today!